We suffered another power outage recently and noted that Central Maine Power has not updated or improved its power outage reporting system. This disregard for its customers shows that CMP doesn’t care to keep the Maine customer properly apprised of the situation during a power outage. It is especially worrisome to seniors who are affected.

One of the reasons is that CMP is the only provider. Another is that our public safeguard, called the Public Utilities Commission, has been defanged by our Legislature. It appears that in its haste to deregulate our utilities the Legislature has removed many important controls that gave the PUC the power to hold utilities accountable.

The totally unacceptable CMP outage reporting system that was so poor back in November’s windstorm is still user-unfriendly, especially to seniors. I have written to CMP and even talked with one of their managers but nothing has changed.

Thanks a lot, Legislature; you have an uncanny ability to mess up everything you touch.

George A. Fogg

North Yarmouth

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