I write with concern about the Maine Sunday Telegram’s Jan. 21 article about the 2018 Maine Women’s March in Augusta (Page C1). I have two concerns:

First, the headline does not reflect the point of the article. The headline states: “About 2,500 march for women’s rights.”

A quick read of the first few paragraphs of the article shows that the main issues people marched for were Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, immigrant rights, health care. Not women’s issues (alone). This is subtle misogyny, intentional or not. It perpetuates the incorrect notion that women are only interested in women’s issues, though all evidence over the past year, and indeed the last 60 years, indicates otherwise.

I also object to the section of the article that mentions the counterprotesters at the Maine Women’s March. One counterprotester apparently waved a flag that resembled a Nazi flag. The reporter states, “Such flags loosely mimic the design of the Nazi war flag and are meant to offend liberals who recognize its origins.” Way to blame the victim!

When someone carries a flag or sign at a protest, the assumption is that they support whatever the flag or sign represents. Those flags meant to mimic Nazi flags indicate the flag-wavers agree with Nazis. But the reporter’s language suggests the counterprotesters don’t really believe in the philosophy behind their flag, but rather are trying to offend liberals.

These small, subtle inaccuracies perpetuate misogyny and the notion that women’s emotions are easily toyed with. I expect better from the Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram.

Meghan Casey


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