Nice of the American Civil Liberties Union to sit back and take potshots at the good people of Wells (“Native Americans urge Wells-Ogunquit schools to stop using ‘false imagery,’ ” Feb. 1).

ACLU mouthpiece Emma Bond stated in a news release that the Wells school system engages in “racial mockery.” This is absurd. It’s total slander. Has she ever been to Wells? Has she ever seen the exchange between students, teachers, families, coaches and athletes? It’s all positive, healthy and respectful.

Overwhelmingly, Wells residents are shocked their tradition of respect for the mascot is being undercut and denigrated. And to what avail? The warrior logo and mascot are both generic. The logo is peaceful, dignified and inoffensive.

The facts are this. Wells High students put together a yearbook, the Abenaki, in 1946 to honor the valiant returning soldiers from World War II. This included Abenaki soldiers and all citizen soldiers alike.

Now our time-honored reverence for our warrior mascot is to be slurred and slandered, blamed and shamed? It’s meddlesome and menacing.

Last week, the Wells mascot committee had a civil, respectful meeting with Micmac, Penobscot and other Native Americans. It was stated that Wells citizens have compassion for any injustices Native Americans have suffered in the past. In no way would any resident allow such abuse in the present.

Native American Amelia Tuplin, the mother of the Lisbon quarterback, made the original complaint. She admitted at the meeting she may have overreacted at the Wells-Lisbon football game. Lisbon had been undefeated but lost. She said her emotions may have gotten the best of her.

The native group stated they are activists.

The ACLU would like to dictate how we think. They are very selective about what free speech is and is not. There is no “racial mockery.” There is only respect and reverence for a generic symbol that degrades no one.

Dave Cilley