Candace Allain, Augusta – “When my daughter was at Gilbert in Augusta, there were not many choices, maybe some sides or chips – they did get served fresh veggies for a snack. (In her lunchbox) I would include a vegetable or two, fruit, olives, pita and hummus or apples and peanut butter. I try to hit all the food groups.”

Lea Jensen, Gardiner – “My son is vegetarian, and he can only eat the elementary school lunch two days out of the month, if he’s lucky. Zero vegan options. Soy milk is not offered.”

Hilary Koch, Waterville – “My son was in the junior high last year and packing was the only way to ensure a balanced vegan meal that would fill his belly. He is headed to Kents Hill as a day student. Lunch is included and vegan options offered daily!”

Stephan-Minh Martin, Westbrook – “My daughter attends Saccarappa in Westbrook. Other than snacks like fresh fruit and occasional lunch option like sunbutter and bagel, I always pack her lunch. I wish they made dairy-free mac and cheese and other options.”

Deborah Trumble Schwink, Durham – “My son is 14 and attended local Waldorf, Montessori, and Durham elementary schools. Lunchtime was a struggle at every one of them. In Durham, they had Smucker’s Uncrustables for the veggie choice, along with a salad bar. At the private schools, they’d often have a community lunch in the classroom, and more often than not he was not offered a vegan protein.”

Thomas Winton, South Portland – “Our son is going into 5th grade in South Portland. We’ve packed his lunch for school since kindergarten.”

Alexander Zimmerman, South Portland – “We were told there would be vegetarian hot lunch options every day, but there are not. Some weeks are better than others. There is always the veggie/fruit bar, but that’s not enough (caloric-wise) if there’s no other non-meat entree option.”

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