I agree with Jack Kartez when he writes in his Jan. 15 Maine Voices column about the importance of working for a brighter future in Maine, making it clear that “civil discourse and good negotiation over tough issues produce better and creative outcomes, and they also build the capacity and willingness to keep on doing so.”

As a state, we need to work to overcome the issues and gridlock of the past administration in Maine and continue to work toward real progress that can be seen now and in the future. Janet Mills has already led the way in this new campaign of change with restructuring the health care system of Maine to more effectively give the proper coverage to those in need.

With this type of forward thinking, the state will be in a more secure place in working toward a more sustainable future. This will send the message to others that the state is once again in a great place for those who are looking to relocate. However, to sustain this type of progress, the state government needs to continue to work together to solve those problems, such as the now-improving health care system.

As anyone can see from the gridlock and government shutdown that are now plaguing the nation, it is better to work together to solve issues. Whether you are on one side of the aisle or another, together we can solve any problem presented to us.

Benjamin Bucklin


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