On June 13 of this year, my wife and I decided to stop in Biddeford to have lunch at the Palace Diner and later do some shopping in the town shops.

After finding the diner, we parked at the public parking lot next to the diner. After lunch, (we were only in the diner for about 20 minutes) we went to the car to get some items when my wife noticed an unfriendly parking ticket for $35.

We began to look for signs stating the lot wasn’t free. The only thing we noticed was a kiosk next to the diner. We couldn’t readily see any signs or meters. With such a welcome, we immediately cancelled our shopping trip and vowed to never come back to Biddeford.

I thought the $35 was outrageous, and the lack of proper warning signs was irresponsible. We found out later the initiation of the high parking fine was only recently started to pay for a new parking garage.

This is what I’m doing. Using electronic media and also contacting friends and work associates, I’m warning people traveling to Maine not to stop in Biddeford, or risk a high price parking ticket.

If they want to stop and explore coastal Maine, or are looking for a summer vacation or future home purchase location, give your business to a neighboring town such as Wells or Kennebunkport. They are more tourist friendly.

To Mayor Alan Casavant and to the Biddeford city leaders, maybe you don’t care for tourists dollars or visitors spending their money at local businesses; probably not. Then my parking ticket warning shouldn’t bother you.

Richard Dunn

Newington, Connecticut