Jan. 18, 1995

Regional Waste Systems Chairman Scott Seaver has put the company’s board of directors on notice that RWS is “losing money, a lot of money,” and the situation is expected to “get worse quickly.” Unless something else can be done, it appears the company will hand member towns a direct assessment, based upon the amount of trash they generate. Westbrook would be billed $43,012 and Gorham $32,352.

The Gorham School Committee will hold a public hearing Jan. 25 on a proposed policy that bans possession of weapons on school property and forbids use of common items like scissors to inflict pain. The policy authorizes school personnel to inspect student lockers, cars, backpacks, purses, clothing and other personal property.

Alfred R. “Dol” Pugh, of Largo, Florida, and formerly of East Valentine Street in Westbrook, has celebrated his 100th birthday. He was born in Everett, Massachusetts, on Jan. 17, 1895. He graduated from Westbrook High School and was a 1916 graduate of Shaw’s Business College. He married Irene Kelly in 1932. He retired from the Westbrook Post Office in 1962 after 30 years.

Terry Perry, daughter of Frances and Ralph Perry of Gorham, visited them for two weeks at Christmas. Terry is a college student in Tacoma, Washington, studying civil engineering.

Jan. 19, 2005

Plans to make parking spaces available to the public in Westbrook’s new downtown parking garage are on hold now while the city waits to see whether Tim Flannery, the owner of One Riverfront Plaza, will exercise his option to lease the remaining spaces in the garage. Flannery Properties now controls 400 of the 540 spaces. They are being used by employees of Disability RMS, the company that occupies One Riverfront Plaza.

A soldier wounded last month in the deadliest attack on U.S. forces in Iraq is home in Gorham and hopes to recuperate in time to rejoin his unit in Iraq before their March homecoming. Staff Sgt. Harold “Butch” Freeman, 43, a squad leader in Company B of Maine’s 133rd Engineer Battalion, was wounded in a blast that killed 22 on Dec. 21. Freeman came back to Gorham on Friday with his family, who spent two weeks at his side at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

The Rev. Richard Small and Eric Smith, who stood 24 hours on a steeple of the First Parish Church in Gorham to raise money and food, descended Jan. 14 smiling and thanking donors. They raised 6,450 pounds of food, $1,000 cash for the local food pantry and $3,000 to aid tsunami victims. “It was a miserable day yesterday, but it was worth it,” Small told a cheering crowd inside the church.

Marcus Ziemann, a Westbrook High School senior, has been invited to witness the swearing in of President George W. Bush on Jan. 20 in Washington, D.C. The invitation came because he was an alumnus of the National Young Leaders Conference. He’ll be in Washington for six days attending activities commemorating the inauguration.