A win, win, win situation

To the editor,

Why is the Town Council still negotiating with Roccy Risbara for a pool? We learned at the March 11th Community Center workshop that Mr. Risbara along with the Edge Sports Facility will indeed build a pool and ice hockey facility. And taxpayers won’t have to contribute a dime. It would be a private venture — as it should be. Swimmers are happy, hockey players are happy and taxpayers are happy. This is a win, win, win situation. Why are we still talking about this? If the Town Council were wise, they would drop any further negotiations now while they and the town are still ahead. If Mr. Risbara, chooses to block or limit membership to Scarborough residents, as was hinted at during the meeting, that is between him and the residents of Scarborough — the town he says he loves. But that seems like it would be a very unwise business move.

Brian Kanode


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