Bob Tabachnick

PORTLAND – Bob Tabachnick was born in Boston, Aug. 3 1950, and was adopted by Dr. Henry and Betty (Greenberg) Tabachnick. He had a wonderful childhood, growing up upstairs from his father’s doctor’s office. Not always well behaved, Bob was kicked out of many a Hebrew school. He was given a second chance when he assisted his son, Henry, through TBE Hebrew school some years later.Bob loved and supported his family with a special fire and passion. He met his wife of 41 years at a Frank Zappa concert. A year later, he asked her out to see his band at the Steer House in Saco. Over their 41 years of adventure and misadventure, they shared passion for food (Bob adored food), family, friends, music, sports, math and the pursuit of knowledge (he took nothing more seriously than his Torah and Haftorah studies). His passion for all of these things knew only one speed- full speed ahead – which was evident upon meeting him.Although not always a good Hebrew school student, he learned to chant Haftorah from Cantor Danny Leeman. He took over reading Jonah at Yom Kippur at Temple Beth El from Judge Louis Bernstein. Bob continued that tradition at Temple Beth El for over 35 years, which he took such pride in presenting.Family was so incredibly important to Bob. He enjoyed sharing his stories and experiences with them. Most importantly in all of that, was his sharing of his joy of music. Like food, Bob’s life was centered around music, of all types. One of his greatest joys was sharing music with all of his boys, each of whom he nurtured a special bond with via that music, even forming a band with his boys that played at local venues- easily the highlight of an illustrious, extensive, joyful music career. There was not a kind of music on earth he did not enjoy, from Robert Johnson, to Polka, to Elizabeth Cotton, to Slayer, to Miles Davis, to Classical.Like his enjoyment of music and food, Bob enjoyed people, and the experiences and stories they brought and created together. Bob did not mind what your background was, what you looked like or who you were. He always found a way to share what made him happy with those around him. Music, food, family and religion helped to build those relationships. Bob’s enjoyment of being present for all of those experiences was a part of the special bond he built with everyone he met so quickly.Bob was predeceased by his daughter, Mya, and son, Henry. Bob was survived by his wife, Aileen “Bean”; his sons, Jake and his wife Rhonda Rafuse; Abraham; Elijah and his wife Kendyl. Brothers, Wayne(Anne) Brodsky; Clay Brodsky. Sister, Kim Maguire. And many sister and brother-in-laws, cousins, nieces, nephews, and friends. The family wishes to thank all who were a part of Bob’s life, every experience he had lent to the spice that composed his life. Special thank you to Tom Berman, who went above and beyond anything conceivable to share his friendship and bring light to Bob, who had all but given up on reading Haftorah as his eyesight deteriorated, enlarging print of all the texts weekly, so Bob could continue to contribute in a way that he could express himself – Tom’s friendship will never be forgotten.One final aspect of his life must be highlighted, Dr. Renee Faye-Leblanc and all of the individuals at the Portland Community Health Center in Portland who helped to love and care for him. As well, all the medical personnel who cared for him on his various medical journeys and helped him through the good and the rugged times.Funeral services will be private. A Zoom link to the service on May 28 is available on the Temple Beth El website. Following services, there will be a separate Zoom room available to share stories, open to any and all.Arrangements made by Portland Jewish Funeral Home. In lieu of flowers, the family asks donations be made to Portland Community Health Center,180 Park Avenue,Portland, Maine 04101,or a charity of your choice.

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