PORTLAND – James E. Haddow, M.D. of Standish, 85, died Saturday, June 13, 2020 at Maine Medical Center. He was born July 16, 1934 in Newport, R.I., the only child of Madeline (Gosling) Haddow and James Haddow. Jim grew up on Willow Avenue in Wollaston, Mass. and was a graduate of the Roxbury Latin School, Harvard College, and Tufts University Medical School. While he was a student at Harvard, Jim began dating Paula Kozodoy. The two were married in 1958.After a year’s internship at the Maine Medical Center in 1961-1962, Jim completed a residency in pediatrics at Boston City Hospital. In 1964, he enlisted in the Army and was stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, where the family spent two years before returning to New England.Back in Massachusetts in 1966, the family settled in Pembroke, and Jim completed a fellowship in pediatric endocrinology at Boston City Hospital, where he also began teaching clinical medicine.By 1974, Jim’s professional interests had turned to medical research. As a teenager, he had been introduced to Maine by his parents, who brought him for vacations to a sporting camp on Sebec Lake. Since that early exposure, Maine had always called him back from wherever his travels had taken him. It was a place of unique refuge. When an opportunity arose for Jim to pursue his interest in medical research in Maine, he seized it. In August of 1974, he moved with his family to the home in Standish where he and Paula have lived for the past 45 years, and he started his work with the organization that ultimately became the Foundation for Blood Research.For the next 40 years, working from his base in Maine with colleagues from around the world, Jim did pioneering research in the fields of prenatal screening and maternal and child health. He and his team specialized in developing clinical applications for findings developed through medical research. His work has had a direct and profound impact on the way medical professionals manage the health of pregnant women and their babies.As an avid outdoorsman, Jim always made the most of living in Maine. Since the late 1950s, the family had owned a cabin in Piscataquis County, not far from the lake he had visited as a teenager. Before moving to Maine, Jim and Paula and their three children had spent the month of July there every year. After moving to Maine, the family continued to spend vacation time there, fishing, canoeing, hiking, and reveling in the wilderness. Later, in 1995, the family added a second vacation cabin, this one on the shores of Nesowadnehunk Lake at the edge of Baxter State Park. There, Jim was able to cast dry flies for the extraordinarily lovely strain of brook trout that are native to the lake.Jim always took special pride and pleasure in being able to share these places and his passion for good food, an engaging story, and the outdoors with his children and grandchildren. He and Paula enjoyed many evenings throughout their 62-year marriage entertaining and cooking for friends, but family gatherings were always his favorite social occasions.Jim is survived by his wife, Paula; his sons, James and wife Michelle Ritchie-Haddow, son Jon and wife Jill Gordon, daughter Anne and husband Mark Cressey. He is also survived by his grandchildren, Hamish Haddow, Andrew Haddow, Sara Cressey, Sam Cressey, Max Ritchie, Lauren Cressey, Ian Haddow, and Matthew Cressey.Services will be private.Those wishing to remember Jim may make gifts in his name toRoxbury Latin School101 St. Theresa Ave.West Roxbury, MA 02132

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