Joe Biden recently said, “If you have to ask who to vote for, you ain’t black.” And now “10 to 15% of Americans are not good people,” which demeans 40 to 50 million citizens.

The Forecaster’s Eddie (Edgar Allen) Beem wrote that “99% of Trump voters are white trash Americans.” A Beem fan girl immediately followed with “Trump supporters are lousy Americans.” Both appeared in the discussion thread following his January 2018 column “Maine goes to pot.” Shortly after, Eddie closed his Disqus account and cleared his comment history. Not much later, The Forecaster totally eliminated reader participation.

That sad reality aside, Eddie clearly has more “game” in such diatribes than does Biden and could teach Joey a thing or two. Beem probably needs to tune up his bitterness, anyhow, and we trust the editors will be happy to put the two in touch.

Pem Schaeffer