PORTLAND – It is with great sadness that we post the passing of Richard Allen Lawrence, departed from this life October 23, 2019.

Born February 20, 1952 in Mercy Hospital to Leland T. & Norma M. Lawrence (both deceased). Survived by his beloved sister, Susan Gibson, his dear nephews, Steven Lawrence and Sean Gibson and his wife Michele, and Linnell Hilton, who was a treasured daughter to him and to whom his heart was devoted, Richard grew up in and spent all of his life in Portland, Maine.

Rick served his country proudly in the United States Air Force during the Vietnam war as a weapons specialist. Upon completion of his tour of duty, he returned to Portland to begin the next part of his life. He worked at the Westinghouse Electric Company, becoming a journeyman electrician. After a fall from a ladder when he worked for the Portland News Company, Rick spent 6 months recovering and ended up on disability. Even that could not stop him from doing all that he was capable of for others.

Rick’s days were filled with small jobs (fixing things), offering moral support to friends and family, listening to his music, and doing one of his most favorite things, reading and writing, and caring for the pets of friends and family. He always wanted people (and fur pals) to know they mattered, and he left that mark indelibly on each of us who were privileged to know him. He never wasted anything that could be repurposed or recycled, for which he took a lot of ribbing. His good nature and love for all was always forefront in his life.

We hope the memories you have of Richard make you smile. It’s what he would have wanted. It would be impossible to list all whose lives he touched, but a special goodbye from The Villacci Family (Gene, Helena, Mason, Sierra, Bob, Fred and Oslo, The Paine Family (Dan, Christine, et al) Julie, Linnell and Sammy.

The Celebration of Life will be held Sunday, Sept. 20, at 398 Middle Road, Falmouth, 12-4:00pm. Parking will be at Villacci motors just nextdoor. BYO everything pot-luck style bbq.

In lieu of flowers we ask that Rick’s memory be honored in showing kindness and compassion to oneself and the world: he more than anyone best exemplified putting others first and respecting our natural world.

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