Candidate is ‘creative problem solver’

To the editor,

Frayla Tarpinian would be a terrific addition to Scarborough’s town council. As the head of the Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence and Elder Abuse Unit for Kennebec and Somerset Counties, Frayla is compassionate and tough. She has an attorney’s knowledge and skills – lacking in the current council – and she has long proven to be a dedicated public servant.

As an advocate for restorative justice and alternative sentencing, Frayla epitomizes the principles of fairness and justice. As a friend and neighbor, she’s caring and generous. As a fellow parent of a daughter with a disability, she’s resilient, empathetic, and a creative problem solver. And as a woman who leads, she’s a solid role model for my daughters and your sons.

Frayla shares my values for strong public schools and sound fiscal and environmental stewardship, and I’m confident she’ll serve Scarborough both wisely and well.

Join me in voting for Frayla Tarpinian this November.

Will Rowan

Elect those who will protect Medicare

To the editor,

This election season, as an older Mainer, I want to urge fellow Maine voters to consider candidates with clear plans to protect and strengthen Medicare, which provides health care for more than 52 million Americans 65+, half of whom live on incomes below $23,500 per year.

Medicare is a crucial safety net for hardworking Mainers who pay into the program their entire working lives, but this 2020 election could determine whether there are changes to the country’s health care system, including to Medicare. Medicare enrollments in the U.S are expected to grow rapidly in the next decade, so we need to ensure that our elected officials offer plans to ensure that there are no cuts to Medicare and the program is protected for current and future generations.

Particularly in Maine, the oldest state in the country, Medicare supports older Mainers regardless of their incomes or health status. So, many Mainers depend on Medicare coverage, and in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, protecting access to health care for older folks like me feels especially critical.

So, please, as you consider candidates prior to the 2020 election, urge them to prioritize guaranteeing Medicare coverage in their platforms for the millions of older Americans like me that rely on the program. Before you decide who to vote for, ask candidates to state their plans for protecting Medicare for those of us who need it now and others in the future.

Ruby Parker

Vote Anne Carney Nov. 3

To the editor,

I encourage Scarborough residents in State Senate District 29 to vote for Anne Carney in the Nov. 3 election. Anne is presently serving in the Maine House of Representatives. Her efforts there demonstrate her dedication and commitment to the communities she serves. She brings professionalism to her work as a lawyer and focuses on issues important to all of us. She is a strong advocate for promoting economic opportunities, protecting our environment, making health care affordable, and supporting quality public education.

We will all be well served with Anne representing us in Augusta.

Bill Donovan

Elect Jon Anderson for Town Council

To the editor,

I am writing in support of Jon Anderson for Town Council. Over the past several year,s Jon has demonstrated a commitment to community involvement that I admire. I have had the opportunity to work with Jon on several projects and have always found him to be considerate, respectful, and kind. Jon is a skilled communicator which will serve him well on the Council as we navigate the challenges that face our community. Serving on the Town Council is more than approving budgets and granting permits; it requires heart and a commitment to civil discourse in the face of pressure from all sides. Jon is a man of integrity who will take seriously the responsibility of the position he is seeking to serve. As a father of two young children I trust that Jon will make careful and informed decisions when it comes to balancing the needs of our schools with what is equitable for all residents. Jon is passionate about preserving Scarborough’s natural beauty and will do his part to ensure that Scarborough continues to be a town that all of our residents are proud to call home. Jon is enthusiastic and eager to speak with anyone who would like to get to know him better; do not hesitate to reach out! I am excited to support Jon Anderson and hope that you will join me in voting for him for Town Council.

April Sither

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