No reason to honor Barrett

Tuesday’s column claiming that supporting Amy Barrett will honor women boils down to one thing: if you are anti-choice then somehow you are supporting and empowering women. Amy Barrett has done nothing in her life that empowers women and, in fact, she is the recipient of the long, hard work of the feminist women that have gone before her that have made it socially acceptable for women to have a career while having a family. Ms. Barrett will be just another privileged white person who in her job as a judge will support business over employee rights and who will make it more difficult for women to have control over their lives. In addition, Ms. Barrett belongs to a very small religious order that basically advocates obeying your husband. It also clearly does not support gay marriage. Unfortunately, due to Republican machinations, Ms. Barrett will become a Supreme Court Justice. Our country will be worse off for it.

Brian Hirst,

Vote Daughtry, Horch

We are so fortunate in District 49 to have candidates for both Representative and State Senate who are smart, energetic, empathetic and environmentally conscious.  What’s more, they are both small business owners, personally and professionally aware of the needs of the community, and excellent responsive listeners. Please join us supporting Mattie Daughtry for the State Senate in District 24 and Fred Horch for State Representative in District 49.

Régine and David Whittlesey,


Vote Kopp, Bashinsky

I will vote for Holly Kopp and Toni Bashinsky to represent Topsham and I strongly encourage all to do the same. Both of these candidates are strong supporters of the United States and Maine Constitution and we sorely need strong supporters in this time of pandemic stress. I spent 20 years proudly wearing the uniform of the U.S. Army in support of our Constitution. Yes, there are things worth dying for. During this pandemic, I feel my inalienable rights, embodied in our Constitutions, have been summarily taken away by governmental executive order. I no longer have the right to assemble, worship, have due process or pursue happiness. I fully understand the governor’s motivations and I understand why people support the suppression of Constitutionally guaranteed rights, but inalienable rights cannot just be whisked away at the stroke of a pen. What I don’t understand is how our currently elected officials have stood by and let the governor rule without the legislature being active participants in the decision making processes. We need stronger legislators and I firmly believe that Holly Kopp and Toni Bashinsky are two strong voices who will serve us well. In addition, Holly brings a strong background in education and Toni has a strong background in finance, two critical areas for our state as we move out of this pandemic and into the next decade. Please join me in supporting them.

Dan Konieczko,

Vote Hepler

Let’s be sure to re-elect Allison Hepler. Service is what Allison is all about. Where there is a need in our area, she is there. When I served with Allison on the board of the Patten Free Library, we lost our secretary suddenly and needed a replacement. “I’ll do it!” said Allison, and she did. “And she did” describes so much about this indefatigable public servant. Whenever a constituent asks her something, Allison always follows through, seeking and relaying answers, solving problems. She gets things done. She has attended to our health care issues, increased funding for the CDC in these COVID times, stopped insurers from bilking senior citizens in Maine, and helped Woolwich build a solar farm to reduce carbon emissions. This is quite a lot for a first-term legislator, but she’s far from done. With our excellent senator, Eloise Vitelli, Allison forms a one-two punch. The phrase seems apt, as both of our legislators fight for us every day.

Paul Kalkstein,

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