Vote Lyons

Since relocating to Topsham after completing a military career in 1986, I had the privilege of getting to know Ruth Lyons. We first met at the town office where she served as the town clerk. She was extremely helpful and assisted me with such things as vehicle and voter registrations and provided directions for obtaining building permits and other information that would be beneficial to me and my family.

Over the years I found Ruth to be a highly dedicated and loyal public servant. She repeatedly demonstrated her love for her country, her community, and most importantly, the people she represented. I find her willingness to serve in today’s environment of hate and slander in our political system is a tribute to her desire to work and improve relationships and put the needs and care of our people first. She stands ready to fill any position where she could contribute to the benefit of our community. Today, she is running for Selectman. I strongly feel and am confident that she would do an amazing job. That is why I am going to vote for her in the upcoming election and would highly recommend others to do the same.

Romeo Belanger,

Vote Hepler

Back in 2018, as a driver for Allison Hepler out on the campaign trail, I was impressed by her genuine commitment to public service, her extraordinary ability to engage individuals of all ages and circumstances and to listen attentively and inquisitively to their concerns, and her extensive knowledge of issues important to Mainers. It was clear that her own broad range of professional experiences in education, building, volunteer work and town governance gave her an informed and balanced perspective. That she has gone on to be a responsive and productive presence in the legislature is thus no surprise. Whether it has been protecting health care and curtailing its cost, providing property tax relief, promoting the expansion of renewable energy and internet access, formally recognizing the contribution of veterans, supporting businesses and state workers, or fighting to counter the repercussions of COVID-19, Allison has worked with her colleagues of both parties to pass legislation that serves the needs of all Mainers. To talk with Allison is to discover that she, in temperament and vision, is a dedicated public servant, not a partisan politician. When I asked her a few weeks ago what it was like to work as a legislator, given the current highly polarized political scene, she said she doesn’t even think about party affiliations as she focuses on specific problems and finding ways to get things done. In a state where life is “The Way Life Should Be,” Allison Hepler is what a Maine legislator should be. Please join me in voting for Allison Hepler and the future of Maine.

Janet Kehl,

Vote Vitelli

As a resident of District 23, I wish to state my strong support for Senator Eloise Vitelli.

Her exemplary leadership on the most critical matters facing this area, this state and this country today is consistent with our values and interests as a democratic nation. Whether it concerns health care, education of our children or the environment and energy needs, Senator Vitelli stands out as a highly conscientious, constructive and balanced voice for all residents of this district — as well as the state of Maine — not just Democrats but Republicans and Independents too.  We could not have a more effective senator.

Fred Hill,

Vote against Collins to flip Senate

With the election underway, we see unseemly haste to approve a Supreme Court nominee dedicated to repealing the ACA and taking medical care away from 95,000 Mainers. This shows how destructive continuing Republican control of the U.S. Senate would be and how important it is to replace Susan Collins, who always supports Trump on decisive votes.

I came to the Senate in 1972 on the staff of Maine Sen. William D. Hathaway. The Senate then was proud of its independence and its role in maintaining the constitutional separation of powers. Legislation gained full consideration in Committee, often with bipartisan cooperation, and routinely went to the Senate floor for a vote.

By contrast, Senate Majority Leader McConnell is called the “Grim Reaper” for blocking over 400 House-passed bills from any Senate consideration. His “graveyard” includes bills to strengthen health care, lower prescription drug costs, and reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act. Such total obstruction didn’t happen in the Senate of old, but it will continue if Republicans keep the majority and stymie reform efforts, even if Biden wins.

Just three or four changes from Republican to Democrat are needed to shift the Senate majority and restore the separation of powers that McConnell and Trump have so badly undermined. Maine voters should lead the way by voting Susan Collins out of office.

Elinor Bachrach,

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