Elect Anne Carney, SD 29

To the editor:

Anne Carney has served in the Maine House of Representatives with distinction, and will distinguish herself further in the Maine Senate. In a single two-year term in the House she has supported, sponsored or co-sponsored legislation to provide affordable health care for children, ban foam food containers, increase broadband access, reduce disparities in housing and job access, and mitigate the damaging effects of climate change. She has advocated re-structuring Maine’s unemployment system, which has been greatly stressed by the pandemic.

In a world transformed by challenges many of our leaders were unprepared for, Anne stands out as an effective, imaginative lawmaker who will lead Maine in the new directions it needs to go.

David D. Platt

To the editor,

Anne Carney will make a great addition to the Maine State Senate representing Senate District 29 for the towns of South Portland,
Cape Elizabeth and part of Scarborough. Some of my fellow seniors and I living in Scarborough met with Anne to discuss her
background, experience as a legislator representing Cape Elizabeth and her thoughts and recommendations on a number of challenging
issues impacting Maine.

We were very impressed by Anne’s educational background: Haverford College in Pennsylvania, a law degree from Maine school of law, and a theology degree from Harvard. More impressive has been her life service to the public in a number of positions that impacted low income and immigrant people, and protection for women in abusive situations.

During her service in the Maine Legislature she showed her skills in working collaboratively with other representatives of all political persuasions to get important bills passed to bring about better working conditions for Maine citizens.

Recently, a Maine legislator I spoke with referred to Anne as one of the top drawer persons serving in our Legislature.

Ann is a mother of three children and knows first hand the challenges facing our families and communities during these challenging times of the covid pandemic.

I strongly support Anne Carney’s election for Senate District 29 and feel that she will quickly become a leader in our Maine State Senate.

Join me in electing Anne Carney Senator for District 29.

Patricia Jones

To the editor,

I support Anne Carney, the Democratic candidate for Senate District 29, because I believe we are best served by legislators who make decisions with a good head and an equally good heart. An attorney, Anne knows the law. As a member of Maine’s House of Representatives, she also knows the process of making the law. Anne will be ready to work in the Senate from day one. And good work it will be. Anne’s record documents her commitment to community and the well-being of all Maine citizens. I truly appreciate Anne’s willingness to use her energy and ability in the Maine Senate. I vote for her with confidence and enthusiasm.

Belinda Snell

Don’t vote Sarah Rivard, SD 30

To the editor,

Candidate for Senate District 30 Sara Rivard appears prominently on the Facebook site of Maine Coalition for Vaccine Choice, an anti-vax organization. It was one of the issues that apparently motivated her to run for the Maine Senate.

We are going through a challenging time trying to protect ourselves and our loved ones from a very dangerous Coronavirus pandemic. But lots of people are rejecting laws and practices to reduce the spread of the virus, insisting that their freedom of “choice” is more important than community safety. This is the premise of the Vaccine Choice movement.

We are about to face a crucial phase of the fight against the covid-19. Will enough people get themselves and their family members vaccinated when it becomes available, so that we can drive the infection rate to zero and get our economy, educational system and personal lives back to normal?

It worries me that someone vying for an important leadership position holds views that suggests she would take the lead in questioning public health authorities and scientists about the soon-to-be-coming vaccination policies.

David Finkelhor

Brenner for SD 30

To the editor,

I’m thrilled to support Stacy Brenner for the Maine State Senate. Stacy was my midwife when I delivered my son, Theodore, 18 years ago. Stacy was the perfect provider for me: she offered science-based, comprehensive, compassionate health care and made sure I had my birth control needs met after delivery, empowering my choice to decide on the size of my family.

Stacy’s opponent in this race believes that the solution to the astronomical costs of health care is to just make prices more transparent. As a nurse midwife and registered nurse, Stacy understands that no one chooses to get sick, and that the solution to our health care crisis is to cut costs, not to tell a sick person — or an expecting mother like I was — how much debt they’ll go into when they access the health care they need.

Please join me in supporting Stacy Brenner for Senate District 30.

Hope Freeman

To the editor,

I am writing to support Stacy Brenner for State Senate representing District 30. I have known Stacy since the early days of the Broadturn Farm when she brought locally grown food to our town.

Since then, Stacy has continued to add value to our communities with the farm and by a creating a beautiful venue for events. This illustrates her commitment to hard work and an understanding of the complexities of making these businesses succeed.

In addition, as a health care provider she has demonstrated a facility for delivering evidence based care in these trying times. When confronting the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there will be many challenges ahead. I am confident Stacy Brenner will rely on science when considering policy decisions that affect all Mainers.

Please join me in supporting Stacy Brenner to represent part of Scarborough, Buxton, and Gorham for Maine’s Senate.

Stephen Kirsch MD, MPH

To the editor,

As a resident of Scarborough for 27 years, I’m writing to encourage voters in Maine Senate District 30 to join me in voting for Stacy Brenner for State Senate.

While we know Maine will face a challenging budget shortfall due to the pandemic, Stacy believes that we should be supporting Mainers struggling to make ends meet at this difficult time. Her opponent, Sara Rivard, believes that the budget shortfall is an opportunity to cut MaineCare, a program approved by Maine people, which is especially important now given that 14,000 Mainers have recently lost their employer-provided health care. Stacy recognizes that these services have to be paid for in a responsible manner and will work to close tax loopholes and crack down on those who have capitalized on the pandemic to turn a profit.

For these reasons, please join me in supporting Stacy Brenner as our next Senator for District 30.

Melissa Murphy

To the editor,

As a fellow registered nurse, I am happy to support Stacy Brenner for State Senate District 30.

In March, Stacy returned to bedside nursing as COVID-19 moved into our state. As a practicing nurse, Stacy understands the need to protect community health. As a small business owner, she understands the need for economic recovery. I believe she will work to find a balance between them both.

Stacy will use science and evidence to guide her decisions to protect Mainers. Stacy has shown support for evidence-based public health measures, and joined over 72 percent of Maine voters to support the elimination of non-medical vaccine exemptions for students and health care workers.

Stacy’s opponent, Sara Rivard, donated hundreds of dollars, worked to collect signatures, and campaigned on behalf of those who tried to veto the vaccine law.

Stacy Brenner understands the need to protect our community. Please join me and vote for the candidate that has the best interest of our community in mind. That person is Stacy Brenner.

Brandie Rubin

To the editor,

I am a women’s health nurse practitioner and resident of Scarborough, and have known Stacy Brenner, who is a certified nurse midwife, for several years. Stacy joined our group of advanced practice nurses and physicians who are committed to teaching the English words for parts of the body to Sub-Saharan refugee women in classes provided by the nonprofit In Her Presence. We work as a team providing vocabulary words and handouts in English, while translators assist our conversations on how to best care for themselves and their families. I watched Stacy answer a new mother’s question about her infant’s vulnerability to disease through nursing. Stacy’s eyes met the woman’s eyes at that moment of fear, and Stacy expertly reassured this mother of her baby’s safety with understanding and compassion and explained how she could protect herself and her child while nursing. In my mind, Stacy Brenner is the kind of leader we need representing our district in the State Senate. Her compassion and willingness to advocate for all Mainers is what we need in Augusta during this critical moment. Please join me in electing Stacy Brenner for State Senate District 30.

Susan E. Davis Doughty, WHNP-BC

To the editor,

I first met Stacy Brenner through her business at Broadturn Farm. I appreciate that Stacy doesn’t just want to preserve our open space, but that she wants to make it more productive so that Scarborough can grow economically without being bogged down by overdevelopment. Like many Mainers, I am employed by a small business that had to adapt our operations drastically this year in order to stay safe and profitable. Stacy understands what it means to build a small business from the ground up, and keep it thriving during challenging times. I am excited that Stacy has decided to head to Augusta so that the entire state can benefit from her rare combination of vision and pragmatism. Please join me in supporting the candidate who has demonstrated her ability to build a stronger and more sustainable economy for Maine. Vote for Stacy Brenner!

Amy M. Glass, Esq.

Sophie Warren fo HD 29

To the editor:

I’m excited to support a friend and high school classmate of mine, Sophie Warren, who is running for the Maine State House of Representatives in Scarborough. Sophie is a thoughtful, generous, and admirable person, but most important to me, she’s always been a great friend. She was a fellow student athlete and a class president when we were in high school, showing dedication to our student body and community as a whole.

It’s always been clear to me just how much she cares about people, no matter how one’s perspective might differ from her own. She treats everyone with kindness and respect. I believe she will bring these same talents, enthusiasm, and ability to fight Maine House.

On Nov. 3, I will be supporting Sophie Warren for the Maine House of Representatives in Scarborough Coastal District 29, and I hope you will, too.

Amanda Spink

To the editor,

Sophie Warren earned my vote to represent Scarborough. She deserves your support too. Sophie will put the interests of Scarborough voters ahead of political and partisan goals. Most importantly, she will work hard and be responsive, regardless of your politics.

Sophie Warren caught my attention because she is the type of candidate who will look you in the eye and actually listen to your concerns. No one is entitled to your vote because of party affiliation – they must earn it. Sophie Warren understands this and is not beholden to either political party. I am confident that Sophie has the skills, experience, and temperament necessary to succeed as our next elected official.

Sophie brings new energy, passion, and a commitment to her constituents; we need her working for us in Augusta.

Join us in supporting Sophie Warren for Scarborough!

Heidi and Peter Flaherty

To the editor,

I am a college student and Scarborough resident with a strong belief in the candidacy of Sophie Warren. We need a candidate with a clear vision for improving the lives of future generations. I feel strongly, not only for myself but also for my younger sisters, in the value of having our town represented by a strong young woman in Augusta.

While studying and working abroad, Sophie experienced firsthand the importance of listening to a diverse range of views, leading with empathy, and pursuing political solutions that see policy as solving problems, not choosing sides.

I think we’re ready for a new, strong voice to represent all of us in Augusta. In a time of crisis, I’m inspired to see young people pursue public office. I will be voting for Sophie Warren to represent Scarborough Coastal District 29 in the Maine House of Representatives. Please join me!

Julia Dougherty

To the editor,

I am supporting Sophie Warren for the Maine House Representatives, Scarborough, coastal district 29 She’s running as an Independent. I think she would do a great job in Augusta for us!

I had a chance to meet Sophie recently and talk with her. I found her to be smart, personable and energetic.

She is a Scarborough native who loves her town.

On Nov. 3, I’ll be voting for Sophie Warren for state representative. I hope my friends will do the same!

Amy Prout

Shawn Babine for House District 29

To the editor,

Shawn’s dedication to the people of Scarborough is unwavering and he is a steadfast advocate for our town at the State House. As someone with background in banking and policy, I admire his attention to detail and his understanding of the real life and financial impacts of his decisions. He advocates for Scarborough’s schools in numerous ways including pursuing improved funding models and lobbying for improved school-based health centers, which are needed now more than ever. He supports our town seeking a fair share of state tax revenue to help minimize the need for property tax increases, and he fights for our environment and Maine’s future. When you combine this with his proven problem-solving abilities and his objective, bipartisan approach when addressing his constituents, it becomes clear that Representative Babine is who we need in Augusta. That is why Shawn has my support for re-election.

Andy Smith

Vote Rosenblatt, HD 29

To the editor,

Annalee Rosenblatt would be a great representative for Scarborough, and deserves your vote.  Annalee epitomizes public service, and is dedicated to serving the best interests of our town and her hometown of 38 years.  She has demonstrated public service by serving on, among others, the Scarborough Board of Education, the Scarborough Special Education Parent Association, and the Scarborough Charter Review Commission.  She supports many community projects, including Friends of the Marsh and the Scarborough Food Pantry.  She is also a small business owner, and understands the need for financial responsibility and sustainable economic growth.  Annalee is also a proven negotiator, with years of experience as a labor relations consultant.  I believe Annalee will be a tremendous asset in Augusta as our State confronts new and difficult challenges.

Joshua Dunlap

Town needs better cell service

To the editor,

I am baffled. It was my understanding that with the new Public Safety Building and corresponding communications antenna, there would be an improvement in cellular coverage here in Scarborough. Yet, no one apparently has stepped forward and placed a repeater/antenna on the tower. In fact, our coverage was dwindled to almost nothing. Most of the time, I am unable to get a signal even in the center of Oak Hill. The service along our street is non-existent unless we hook into our home Wi-Fi.

In this day and age, when communication is more important than ever, something needs to be done about this problem. I can have better service in the middle of Alaska than I do in my hometown. This NEEDS to improve!

Jim Konkel

Support Anderson for Town Council

To the editor,

I am supporting Jonathan Anderson for Town Council. His background in strategic planning, financial management and program management will help him identify solutions to complex challenges ultimately allowing responsible growth while limiting impacts to property taxes. Jonathan understands the economic value that a strong educational system brings and with two children in primary school, he understands the challenges coronavirus has created for all types of families. He is committed to championing efforts to create sustainable solutions for the community.

As a colleague, I have experienced first-hand Jonathan’s work ethic and collaborative approach which drives positive results. I am excited to see him use these same skills to continue to improve and unify our town. Please join me in voting for Jonathan Anderson.

Maryella Fortier

To the editor,

I moved into a new development in Scarborough a little over five years ago. I own a small business and I have primary school-aged children in the school system. I met my neighbor, Jon Anderson, a few years ago and I’ve always found him to be a thoughtful person. To me, Jon embodies exactly what our Town Council needs. He he kind, caring, has a personal stake in the town and the schools as I do, and approaches problems with open-mindedness and a pragmatic approach. I have already cast my vote for Jon Anderson and I urge others to do so as well.

Paul Beaver

To the editor,

Jonathan Anderson is the person we need right now on Scarborough Town Council.

Jon listens, engages, and fosters respectful civil dialogue. An experienced public servant, a proven collaborator and negotiator, and a community volunteer, Jon advocates for every citizen to have an equal voice in shaping decisions that affect our town’s future.

I was proud to join Jon as two of four community members who urged the Town Council at its Oct. 7 meeting to pass a resolution to support racial equity (“Scarborough passes anti-racism resolution,” Oct. 16). Jon’s leadership on this effort began months before, when he reached out to town officials, business owners, and residents to discuss potential ways to demonstrate a commitment to racial equity. Largely because of Jon’s thoughtful conversations, the resolution was brought forward and passed unanimously.

For Jon, “Moving Forward Together” is more than a campaign platform; it is an indication of how he will lead. Join me in voting for Jonathan Anderson for Town Council.

Randi Hogan

To the editor,

I believe solidly in striving to achieve the right mix and balance of power at all levels of government. I will never be a vote “all blue” or “all red” kind of girl. I am focused instead on the qualifications and character of the people I support. I don’t always get it right, and politics indeed creates strange dynamics and once elected things can change. It can be easy to say what people want to hear. I have carefully weighed the choices this year and for Town Council I enthusiastically support what I believe to be the right mix… Jon Anderson, John Cloutier, and Nick McGee have my vote. Sophie Warren has my vote for House District 29, she has earned it. If she works even half as hard as she has on her campaign she will serve us proudly! I hope you will join me in supporting these candidates!

Katy Foley

Tarpinian for Town Council

To the editor,

I am writing in support of Frayla Tarpinian for Town Council. As a working mom of young children, including a child with special needs, Frayla will bring a voice to the table that is not currently represented on the Council. Frayla’s experience as deputy district attorney in Somerset and Kennebec counties gives her the experience and expertise to tackle complex problems like how to grow our town responsibly, and her legal background will help ensure the council’s words are backed by policies that drive action. Relatively new to the community, she can offer a fresh perspective and represent the newcomers point of view. Her commitment to independence instills confidence that she will not be swayed by PACs or special interest groups and will truly strive to represent what is best for all constituents. She’s a supporter of strong schools, which is as important on our Town Council as it is on School Board, and has been thoughtful in her desire to find between balance short term cuts and longer term consequences to our community.

Please join me in voting for this stellar candidate we are so fortunate to have ready and willing to work hard for our community.

Michelle DuEst

To th editor,

When Frayla Tarpinian and her family moved to my neighborhood, I felt as if I had hit the neighbor jackpot! I learned about Frayla during her campaign for district attorney, and I first met her at the polls during that election. I think she thought I was a little odd, because I recognized her right away and I was a little starstruck. What can I say? My heros aren’t film stars or musicians, they are mostly women who raise their voices against injustice. I voted for Frayla that day, and again yesterday when I cast my absentee ballot. I know now, as I did then, that I made the best choice for Scarborough.

Frayla’s experience as an attorney will be an asset to the Town Council, and the value of her understanding the struggle of working moms – especially during the pandemic – can’t be understated. In addition to responding to economic and logistical pressures created by the pandemic, the council will be taking up the work of approving and implementing the Comprehensive Plan for our community, as well as attempting to embody the commitment the council made recently when they passed a racial and social justice resolution.

This year – more than any other in recent memory – decisions related to equity will be front and center. Our leaders will make decisions that will impact the character of our town for at least the next decade, likely longer. Not only does Frayla have experience doing work similar to this in Windham, she also has the integrity to ensure that Scarborough’s plan implementation reflects values that are at the heart of our community rather than the wishes of a vocal minority of special interests.

Assuming Ms. Caterina is reelected – as I hope she is – electing Frayla would also increase the total of women on the council to three (of seven), which is still a minority but better than the current two. And, along with Councilors Cloutier – assuming he is re-elected – and Caterina, Frayla’s voice will bring additional clarity and transparency that is currently lacking in many public conversations.

Please join me in electing Frayla Tarpinian to Scarborough Town Council.

Erin Rowan

Elect Dittmer to School Board

To the editor,

I have know John “Dave” Dittmer for over a decade and have viewed first-hand how involved he has been in supporting our public schools and our children.

He and I volunteered when our daughters (now seniors in high school) were 10 to coach Community Services Soccer and he has been very involved with Gym Dandies and the VolleyBall Boosters for the high school. He is a thoughtful, level-headed person, a lawyer who understands how boards work and a local business owner. He understands an investment in our schools pays dividends to the town with increase in community pride and even property values. As a family doctor in town and a father of four children who have attended Scarborough schools I have seen the ups and down of the Board and politics in town.

Dave Dittmer would be a solid addition to the School Board and a dedicated voice to improve the education of all our children. He will serve our town well.

Peter Amann

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