You don’t have to know George Colby to be outraged – at the influence of the left.

Colby is a selectman from New Gloucester who is accused of racism. A petition to recall him is underway. After the Pledge of Allegiance at a town meeting on Dec. 3, Colby stated: “Liberty and justice for all, for everyone. Even us white folks!”

Colby is branded as the worst of creatures: a racist. I suspect that his comment reflected frustration with the left’s propaganda that America – and all whites – are irredeemably racist, especially when they complain about being called racist. New Gloucester teacher Laura Fralich wrote: “White grievance is racism.” She’s incorrect. Calling every white person a racist is the definition of racism.

Real racism is very bad because, from a religious point of view, it denies the sacredness of all humans as individuals created by a God who loves everyone. God sees our heart and our soul and wants all human beings to forgive and love each other as beloved brothers and sisters. Skin color is irrelevant. Martin Luther King Jr. agreed.

I believe that the toxic rhetoric of the left has influenced small-town America, including New Gloucester. The hard left divides, and fosters resentment and hatred – not love. What would Jesus do with George Colby?

The good-hearted people of New Gloucester cannot allow themselves to be influenced by the destructive and hateful accusations of the left’s “burn-them-down” cancel culture.

Colby should not be recalled. His comments were not racist.

Peter Brown

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