RE: Diane Robinson of Wiscasset’s letter

In your recent letter you accuse one of Maine’s newest citizens of not knowing anything about history or racism (“Columnist needs lessons in history, racism,” Jan. 15). I think it’s fair to say you don’t know anything about Abdi Nor Iftin.

Personally, I much appreciate his views and welcome his voice in our paper. He decried the violence we’ve all been witnessing on our streets recently, which honestly, on what grounds can anyone disagree? Black people dying in our streets at the hands of police is hardly something to be proud of. White supremacists boldly showing up with weapons, ready to kill and intimidate: Is that not racism to you?

The fact that you weren’t aware of racism in the past doesn’t mean it wasn’t then, and isn’t now, still pervasive. That you bristle at it being brought up just shows how deeply entrenched it is in our society. Try to open your mind to the idea that just because you don’t think something’s a problem, doesn’t mean it isn’t for people who aren’t you. Also, try to open your mind to blaming your own self for going to a movie you hated, rather than finding a way to somehow blame the Democratic Party for its existence. Get a grip!

Veronica Garrett