Kennebunkport held a contest for a new flag to help mark the 200th anniversary of its incorporation this year, and the winning design, drawn by Nicholas DeBenedictis, was recently revealed. Courtesy Photo /Town of Kennebunkport

KENNEBUNKPORT – A new flag will soon fly over Kennebunkport – one that encompasses the ocean waves, the town’s nautical history of shipbuilding and fishing – the latter continuing today, and its signature marine blue color.

The design, by Nicholas DeBenedictis, 17, of Arlington, Massachusetts, met all the requirements set forth for the town’s contest for a flag to mark the 200th anniversary of the incorporation of Kennebunkport.

The instructions were basic: keep it simple, so simple a child could draw the flag from memory; use two or three primary colors, and no lettering or use of the town seal. Entrants were to design a flag that represents the community using symbols of the past, present and future.

The flag, using Kennebunkport’s blue as a background, shows a golden circle representing the sun, with an anchor and waves inside.

It was chosen from a field of 35 entries, that were reviewed by four judges: Selectman Alan Daggett, local historian Sharon Cummins, librarian Mary-Lou Boucouvalas and Tom Bradbury of Kennebunkport’s Conservation Trust.


The flag project was organized by Tracy O’Roak, assistant to Town Manager Laurie Smith.

DeBenedictis said his inspiration came from Kennebunkport ‘s nautical history, stunning vistas and beaches.

“It was a tough call, there were so many good ideas, we struggled a little while, but yours stood right out,” Daggett told De Benedictis, who joined the online meeting when the flag design was unveiled. “We’re happy to have a new town flag.”

“I enjoyed making it,” said DeBenedictis, adding he had used Adobe Illustrator to create his design.

As a thank you for his work, DeBenedictis will receive some items that bear the new town flag.

And when he comes to town, he will see his creation flying over the town hall and in several other places, selectmen said.

Kennebunkport was incorporated one year after Maine became a state. And while the area was settled long before – it was first incorporated as Cape Porpus (spelled Porpoise, now) in 1653, the town became Kennebunkport in 1821.

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