I do not know what The Forecaster’s policy is regarding racist remarks by letter writers, but I found the letter from Mr. Jack Uminski shocking (“Balentine’s ‘like-minded’ readers are many,” Aug. 19).

Perhaps he thought he was clever by describing Yarmouth as providing a “white-privileged” lifestyle to the citizens of this town, but I found that comment extremely offensive. Maybe some people in town might consider themselves privileged and are incidentally white, but I personally don’t know anyone like that. All my neighbors are kind, generous, hard-working and a good number of us are not “white.”

Mr. Uminski may feel that his conservative opinions are not being adequately represented by The Falmouth (Northern) Forecaster, but to imply that Mr. Iftin’s opinions fall short because he is enjoying a “white-privileged” lifestyle in Yarmouth, implies that all Yarmouth residents are not worthy of opinions. It is likely Mr. Uminski used the term “white-privileged” solely because Mr. Iftin is not white. That opinion, in my mind, is overtly racist and a very unfortunate reflection on the editorial board at The Forecaster. So if Mr. Uminski wants to have more conservative opinions at The Forecaster, I hope, if they are like his opinion, The Forecaster will not print them.

Susan Crater