In regards to Abdi Nor Iftin’s article about unvaccinated citizens (“Those who refuse vaccine are un-American,” Aug. 5):

Do you realize the negative effects this has on others? The article divides us in a time we do not need it. We get to have an opinion in a free America.

How we use this is another question. What gives you the right to come to America and tell us we are selfish and spoiled? You came here, you have clothes, food, job, transportation and medicine. Doesn’t that make you selfish and spoiled? You are like us now. An American citizen.

We need to learn to compromise, as a community, a country and as human beings. Our differences may not be our fault. We need to rise above the hatred, name calling, shaming and differences in our choices.

You should be asking why they didn’t get the the vaccine. Not shaming them. Examples: pregnant, issues with vaccines, afraid of the unknown, untruth about vaccines, some died and loss of child due to a medication or vaccine.

You are welcomed with open arms. You have all we have. So, why do you act like you don’t like us? Think before you speak. Sound grateful. You didn’t fulfil your duty as an American because you got the vaccine. You fulfilled your choice as a citizen.

Our servicemen, police, firefighters and those who run towards danger, not away – they have filled their duty.

Under no circumstances are you more of an American just because you had a vaccine. Words hurt.

Open discussions about drugs, mentally ill on our streets, child abuse, suicide in teens, bullying (which sounds like what you are doing) and more: Now that would be an amazing read.

I, and we, do not want to pay for anyone else’s past history.

Learn from it so it’s not repeated. End the cycle!

Felicia Ham