Thanks to Mr. Balentine for his recent Labor Day piece honoring all the hard-working people that labor to make sure we have warm houses, food to eat and warm clothes, etc. (“Labor Day reminds us all workers are essential,” Aug. 26).

I presume due to lack of space he forgot an important group of laborers. We honor also all those public sector workers who make sure our roads are paved and marked so we can get to our jobs safely and truck drivers can deliver goods to stores.

Thanks to USPS workers for getting our mail and packages delivered promptly; from my experience we have one of the most cost-effective post offices in the world.

Thanks to the environmental protection workers who are dedicated to our water, land and air, and respond day or night to clean up our basements full of oil when our oil tanks leak.

Thank you to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – the weather service people who supply weather data so TV and radio have something to report to us and to NOAA survey workers who chart our seas and bays so fishermen and merchant mariners can safely navigate home and bring us food and goods.

Thanks to our teachers who care for our children and make it so we can read this article and, I hope, teach us critical thinking so we know opinion and propaganda from fact.

Thanks to the people at CDC who work to protect us from this pandemic and provide us with honest information based on science.

Thanks to the police, emergency and fire department workers who protect us and rush to help when we crash on the highway. And thank you to our National Guard and other military workers (yes, privates and generals I consider public employees, too) for their sacrifice of going places others are escaping – and I could go on.

Stephen Brezinski