While I trust your editorial board did due diligence in studying Question 1 (“Our Endorsement: Vote ‘no’ on Question 1 to fight climate change,” Oct. 24), I believe you came to the wrong conclusion.

You acknowledge the question regarding whether the project actually reduces greenhouse gas emissions and decide “it’s impossible to say.” Not so! Hydro Quebec’s CEO, despite being willing to spend millions to get the project passed, refused to allow testimony under oath on this issue before Maine’s legislative committees. Did you ask yourselves “what are they hiding?” I concur climate change is the crisis of our time and moving to beneficial electrification in heating our homes and transportation is vital. But imagine a winter storm, a prolonged power outage, no heat in your home, and no way to drive yourself to safety. A reliable electric supply will be the life saver.

And, who is among the least reliable electricity suppliers in the country? CMP! You acknowledge worst case dishonesty on the part of Mainers for Fair Laws on behalf of the “No” side. Did you ask why we should assume people who run frankly dishonest campaigns should be trusted with multi-million dollar projects?

You note approval of the project by Maine’s DEP. Did you ask why no actual environmental assessment has ever been done similar to the one required when they tried to put a similar project through New Hampshire? Perhaps you should look at these vitally important issues somewhat closer than you seem to have done.

Ann Morrill
South Portland

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