Police urge motorists to remove snow from vehicles

Buxton Police in a recent Facebook posting reminded drivers to clear snow and ice from their windshields and vehicles before heading out.

“It is a violation of law to drive with an obstructed view, like a frost-covered window,” the posting said. “Provisions of Maine law also prohibit driving with a load of snow on the roof of your vehicle that has the potential to blow off onto another vehicle.

“Before you hit the road, clean your windows, mirrors and roof and be a safe driver.”

Buxton turns 250

Buxton will celebrate its 250th birthday this year with a parade in August to commemorate the occasion.

The town was incorporated on July 14, 1772, after the settlement was first known as Narragansett No. 1. The town was a land grant assigned to 120 soldiers, or their heirs, who fought against Native Americans in the so-called King Philips War in southern New England. The war ended in 1678.

60 years ago

The Westbrook American reported Jan. 10, 1962, that Lee Goodier, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Goodier of Salmon Falls, returned home after his release from Buxton-Hollis Community Hospital. Goodier, a freshman at Bonny Eagle High School, was injured in a fall while playing basketball in the gym.

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