Boys from Freeport High School Golf Team were invited to the National High School Golf Association Championship last week after earning second place in a 2023 state championship. Courtesy of Sharon Foerster

The varsity golf team from Freeport High School recently returned from a tournament in extreme Texas heat. Now, the team is focused on fundraising to cover the remaining costs of the off-season trip.

The team was invited to compete in the National High School Golf Association Championship in Frisco, Texas. Five players and Coach Jason Ouellette attended the tournament last week where the boys played four rounds of golf in 106-degree temperatures.

Though the team did not bring home a win from the tournament, a fundraiser for the trip described the experience for the boys as “incredible” with memories that “will last a lifetime.”

Players Ryan Savona, Terrence Snow, Carter Costello, Gavin Konecki and Dylan Foerster attended the tournament. They ranked 50th as a team, with one other Maine team ranking 34th.

The team received the tournament invite after placing second in the 2023 Class B state championship.

Golfers Eli Spalding, Savona, Foerster and Costello placed the team just behind the Presque Isle golfers. Spalding, who had a score of 70 in the championship, came out as the top player for individual ranking at the tournament.

Now, with the tournament in the rear view mirror, the focus is on fundraising the remaining balance of the trip. Fundraising started ahead of the trip to cover costs such as lodging, practice rounds, transportation and tournament fees.

The funding goal is $10,000, and as of Thursday, the team had raised nearly half of that amount, according to its GoFundMe.

Those interested in donating towards the cost of the trip can visit

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