PORT CLYDE – Country music star Kenny Chesney, the island cowboy with a home in the Virgin Islands, is making a fall escape to the coast of Maine.

A crew of more than a dozen people was in Port Clyde on Tuesday to film a music video for Chesney’s song “Seven Days a Thousand Times,” which is on his new album “Hemingway’s Whiskey.”

Video producer Don Lepore told the Bangor Daily News that the song is about the coast, lighthouses and autumn.

Chesney is expected to be in Maine for the video shoot.

Duff’s novel idea turns into prose for the teen set

NEW YORK – Hilary Duff may be a recently married young woman of 23, but when it comes to books she’s not quite ready to grow up.

“I love reading young adult books even though I’m a little older than the set demographic for YA,” she said Tuesday. “I love adventure. I relate to girl characters, love, finding yourself and breaking out of the mold that people put you in.”

It makes sense then that the actress and singer would decide to write her first novel, “Elixir,” for the younger set.

Duff may have a feel for her reading audience, too, from knowing her viewing audience. Duff played Lizzie McGuire for two seasons on the Disney Channel from 2001-2004. Fans who watched her on TV may also want to check out her book, which is now in stores.

“Elixir” is about a young photojournalist named Clea Raymond whose photos have extra images in them that weren’t there originally. Then her father disappears. Clea sets off to unravel the mystery of both.

“This idea just kept coming to me and building in my head,” Duff said. “I thought ‘What am I going to do with this? Am I going to write a script or pitch the idea? Have someone else write it?’ And then I thought ‘I’m open for a new challenge. I’m going to try to write a book.”

Man scuffles with guard outside socialite’s home

LOS ANGELES – Police say an intruder was arrested after a scuffle with a security guard outside Paris Hilton’s Los Angeles home.

Police spokesman Bruce Borihanh said the man passed through the gates of the complex on a bike at about noon Tuesday, began banging on her door and refused to leave when security guards asked him.

He was arrested on suspicion of assault on the guard. His name and age have not been released.

It’s not clear whether Hilton was home.

It was the second incident in recent months involving an intruder targeting Hilton. Nathan Lee Parada pleaded not guilty to felony attempted residential burglary after he allegedly showed up outside the socialite’s home wielding two knives in August.

Jackson videos back in play

NEW YORK – Michael Jackson’s complete library of videos is being restored and re-released, along with a never-released clip for his song “One More Chance.”

The “Michael Jackson’s Vision” boxed set is due out Nov. 22 and includes more than four hours of material, including the full version of “Black or White,” which was cut short after its initial release due to violent imagery and Jackson’s gyrations.

Jackson made a short film for the song “One More Chance,” but it was never released. He was charged with sexual molestation in 2003, about the time the single was released. He was acquitted in that case.