KENNEBUNK — Kennebunk emergency responders did not have to travel far to respond to a report of a three car pileup this afternoon.

Sgt. Eric O’Brien said a vehicle operated by 87-year-old Elaine Hanscom of Kennebunk hit a curb as she was turning before colliding head-on with a Nissan Maxima driven by 44-year-old Matthew Fadiman of Kennebunk.

The accident took place on Summer Street – directly in front of the Kennebunk police and fire stations.

“We walked out the front door and placed her (Hanscom) in an ambulance to be evaluated at the fire station,” O’Brien said.

Hanscom did not have to be transported to a hospital, but Fadiman’s vehicle, which was pushed into a third car by the collision had to be towed from the scene. He was also not injured.