Time Warner Cable announced the launch of Healthcare Solutions in Maine, a service that electronically connects doctors with other physicians, health databases and patients through a secure intranet connection, said a press release.

The service also includes Web conferencing through Cisco WebEx, which will allow doctors to hold meetings with one another and patients remotely.

“There is increasing acknowledgment that tele-health will play a significant role in medicine as healthcare costs and access to care continue to be growing concerns,” said Robert Moel. Time Warner Group vice president of Healthcare Solutions.

Healthcare Solutions works over a managed, secure network that meets federal privacy and security standards and connects to Maine’s Health Information Exchange. 

The press release said Time Warner plans to add applications to allow home health monitoring – meaning doctors will be able to remotely check patients’ biometric data.

“We are using our network so doctors can connect with patients in their homes and do telecomferences and monitor blood pressure and vitals,” said Andrew Russell, Time Warner spokeman. “We are breaking into new product lines.”

Time Warner partnered with InterMed in South Portland and Franklin Memorial Hospital in Farmington to test the service.