BURLINGTON, Vt. – A University of Vermont student who pleaded guilty to unlawful mischief for setting fire to trash in a dormitory last month says he was so high on alcohol and drugs he doesn’t remember what he did.

Stanislas Stantchev, 20, who is from Bulgaria, initially was charged with first-degree arson. He pleaded guilty Friday to the reduced charge in a deal with prosecutors and was sentenced to time already spent in jail.

According to the Burlington Free Press, Stantchev also agreed to pay the university $15,000 for repairs and cleanup stemming from the Oct. 13 fire.

The newspaper said he was permanently suspended from the university and left the United States later Friday, headed for Paris, where he will be met by his parents.

In another drug and alcohol- related incident at the university, a student was hospitalized in fair condition after jumping out of a third-floor dormitory room.

UVM police were responding to a noise complaint in McCann Hall on the Trinity campus Wednesday night. They told WCAX-TV that while they were talking to a student about drugs and alcohol found in his room, he jumped out of a window.

UVM has not released the student’s name.