Well, many of you are waking up to significantly less snow that you expected. After the past couple of weeks, I’m sure there are not a lot of disappointed faces. Even the plow operators probably feel like they could use a break. However, not everyone got away without a large amount of snow.

Storms undergoing explosive development have a very sharp gradient of no snow to heavy snow on their left or western side. Our computer models can’t necessarily discern exactly where this line will end up and therefore the opportunity for a busted forecast is quite high. Case and point will be a drive from Cumberland to York County today. In Portland, as I write this only a couple of inches of snow fell. By the time you get to the York area, there are amounts approaching 2 feet.



We have a few more hours of possible snow this morning as the western edge of the intensifying storm clips the area from roughly Augusta/Waterville eastward.

The loop below shows the snow moving back into the area for a short period and then departing. I expect just a coating to as much as 3 inches of snow right along the coastline, especially east of Rockland. Far eastern Maine will still see a significant amount of snow.


The bitter cold and wind are not going to miss us. Temperatures will fall below zero statewide overnight with wind chills in the 25 to 45 below zero range. This is about as cold as it gets with a wind temperature combination.

Monday brings sunshine back to the area, but highs will only be in the single numbers to perhaps lower teens. Temperatures modify on Tuesday, but all eyes will turn to a new storm. The potential track of this system is still unsure, so we could see some snow midweek or miss it. I will update here and on Twitter @growingwisdom as more information becomes available.