In a “chilling” article, this paper published an Associated Press report on a draconian potential method of mitigating global warming (“Researchers studying plan to cool planet with pollution,” Feb. 11). The idea is to inject sulfur pollution high in the air to reflect the sun’s heat.

The writer also stated: “Scientists concede there could be dramatic and dangerous side effects that they don’t know about.”

Does the insanity of humans have no bounds? These are utterly desperate thoughts, a manifestation of our arrogance to think humans are the center of the universe and it is ours to manipulate.

We aren’t God, and we are not the masters of the universe. We are just members of the global community, although powerful ones who control our destiny, and that of other living things.

Rather than acts of desperation, what about employing common sense and mitigating the primary source of climate change, by curtailing and stopping the use of fossil fuels? Do something sensible. Admit climate change is a global crisis, and move away from fossil fuels as rapidly as possible.

Don’t drill in the Arctic oceans; stop burning coal; forget about fracking and shale oil, and forgo building massive natural gas pipelines.

Insulate; implement other energy conservation measures; embrace electric and other alternative-energy vehicles; promote local communities and production, and develop renewable energy systems.

Humans are creative. Let’s show it, with a clear view of our responsibility to enhance life for humans and other living things in the future.

Steven L. Weems