The Portland Public Art Committee is excited that Side x Side: Project Imagine and University of Southern Maine art educators have received a U.S. Department of Education grant to further arts education in Portland Public Schools ► cq ◄ , and we would like to publicly acknowledge the Arts in Education Model Development and Dissemination Grant and the upcoming work of Side x Side.

Over four years, Side x Side: Project Imagine will directly serve about 1,700 students and 80 teachers in Portland’s four elementary schools. Side x Side: Project Imagine will support Portland Public Schools’ efforts to improve teaching and learning through celebrating the diverse culture of our community and recognizing the importance of the arts in student growth.

They will integrate math, science, technology, literacy and the humanities with the arts to enhance school curricula ► cq per AP ◄ , and train teachers to further incorporate these ideas into their classrooms.

Further incorporating the arts into elementary education creates lifelong interest in and appreciation of the arts and develops a growing community to appreciate all of the arts the city has to offer, including public art.

Lin Lisberger

Chair, Portland Public Art Committee