I have lived in the Northgate area of Portland for many years, in an area that was considered a flood zone. In order to get a mortgage or a home equity loan, one had to purchase flood insurance. This was an added burden for new homebuyers or those selling a home.

We contacted then-City Councilor Cheryl Leeman, who worked for several years with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and held several neighborhood meetings to keep us informed of the progress.

Her efforts paid off, and we are no longer in a flood zone. A good thing happened because of Cheryl Leeman’s efforts. Thank you, Cheryl.

Our present mayor, Michael Brennan, wants to raise the minimum wage, which I agree needs to be looked at, but his proposal includes creating a new budget item of $100,000: half for someone to enforce the minimum-wage ordinance and half for lawyers’ fees.

He needs to come up with a better idea. This will not help wage earners, as property taxes will go up, and who will pay? The tenants, since the landlords will pass on the fees.

I ran into Cheryl Leeman several weeks ago, and I asked her to please think of running for mayor this year. We need someone who can come up with savings.

Mr. Brennan spends way too much money on lawyers to fight the system that he disagrees with. The only words I hear from him are “We will need to raise taxes.”

How much is the new mayor position costing us taxpayers? That idea was sold as something that would not cost us extra but would actually save money. I haven’t seen that yet. Look at your property tax bills.

Let us hope Cheryl Leeman will decide to run for mayor. She would be great.

Gerard A. Prevost