That was an interesting above-the-fold photograph and story about our attorney general, Janet Mills, in the Maine Sunday Telegram (“Up for a challenge: Maine governor vs. attorney general,” Feb. 22).

The story was about Mills opposing Gov. Paul LePage over two legal matters. It went to great length to say this is not unprecedented and certainly not political.

I beg to differ. She gave herself away when she made a speech at the state Democratic convention on May 31, 2014.

She could have taken the high road and spoken of things the party could accomplish if then-Rep. Mike Michaud were elected governor. After all, Michaud’s election seemed to be locked in at that time.

Instead, Mills took the low road and, among other things, accused LePage of “junk governance” and “throwing dirt in people’s faces” (metaphorically speaking, I assume?). Her speech showed a mean-spirited and truly nasty side of her personality.

When asked about it, Mills chalked it up to using her First Amendment rights. It proved beyond a doubt that Mills is just a Democratic political hack. She looks for ways to stop LePage whenever she can, all the while claiming that she is only following the law when in fact she is following the Democratic Party line. How can LePage be expected to work with her after she delivered such a vicious verbal attack?

Mills’ complete and utter lack of class and understanding of her responsibilities makes her unfit for her position in Maine government and an embarrassment to the people of Maine.

I ask that the Legislature remove her from office and elect a more moderate, middle-of-the-road person, someone who can work with our governor, not against him. But then, that’s not what the Democratic-majority Maine House of Representatives wants, is it?