I’ve read with concern Gov. LePage’s comments accusing Portland of irresponsible use of funds over payments to homeless shelters. I feel strongly that no one asks to stay the night at Preble Street unless they really need help.

I know the governor has overcome homelessness, and I imagine he has stayed in shelters before. I never have. Still, his experience was a long time ago. I think we could both learn a lot by staying a night at Preble Street.

I am making the governor this offer: We both stay over one night at Preble Street, helping in whatever way we can. I make a large enough donation to cover the costs of our stay, and we use the opportunity to fundraise from the community for this critical resource.

Of course, we’d coordinate with Mark Swann, Preble Street’s director, to be sure we aren’t taking beds from those who need them. We might have to wait a bit; I understand the demand for those beds is very high.

I hope the governor will take me up on this challenge.

David Hilton