Both the governor and Republicans in the Legislature have been spending a lot of time lately defending questionable corporate tax giveaways. Now, with a new report saying Maine will take in $73 million in extra revenue, these staunch advocates for returning the people’s money don’t want you to see a dime.

When you get a paycheck, do you lock the entire amount in a vault or stick it under your mattress? Of course not. You pay your bills so that your family can continue to eat, have shelter, keep the lights on, take hot showers and pay for medicine. Then you save for the future.

Just like you, Maine has bills. Here’s one example we’re dealing with as members of the Education Committee. The state owes you, the taxpayer, lots of money for public schools. A law approved by voters says the state has to pay 55 percent of education costs so that towns and property taxpayers don’t get swamped.

But for almost a decade, your government has been short on its payments by over a billion dollars, and you’ve been paying the balance as property taxes. We just learned that some communities are losing an extra $23 million – $2.7 million will be lost in Portland alone. It’s Democrats who want to make sure those costs don’t end up in your next property tax bill.

The extra revenue could make a difference in your lives, but Republicans want all of it diverted to the rainy day fund, even though they know Maine owes you money.

The governor and his allies are so out of touch, they don’t realize that, for a lot of hardworking Mainers, every day has been a rainy day. Maine should pay its bills, protect the property taxpayers and save the rest. Anything else would be irresponsible.

Mattie Daughtry

Democratic state representative


Richard Farnsworth

Democratic state representative