After reading Gov. LePage’s latest op-ed (June 21), I have to ask: Did it arrive at the publisher’s desk by carrier pigeon or telegraph?

Setting aside his usual tired, cynical attempts at dividing us along this or that imaginary line, just how seriously are we supposed to take a 19th-century economic proposal by a sitting governor in 2016?

Is he seriously suggesting that his state dig (mine) our way out of this hole?

The commodities market is very dependent on China and India, and even a slight slowdown in their growth means ruin for mines around the world. So, no mine or mining job is guaranteed for any amount of time.

What is guaranteed, however, with any mine, is permanent scarring of the land and toxic runoff which will no doubt poison not only drinking water but also the precious fish and wildlife habitat that visitors flock to Maine to see every year.

But back to the absurdity of seeing mining as Maine’s golden ticket. It makes me curious to see what other forward-thinking ideas our governor is about to spring on us, even as news of yet another pulp mill closing reached the news last week.

Maybe we can hitch our wagons to a revival in demand for raccoon coats or videocassette tapes.

Jeremy Smith

Old Orchard Beach