I am writing concerning columnist Bill Nemitz’s letter to his grandson (Nov. 6). My prayers are said to his grandson and all new children in this world today.

I lived through the years of war in Vietnam. So many service personnel in this country – many of my friends and friends’ sons, brothers and fathers – did not return.

I worked through the campaign of John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon and those debates. At that time, people weren’t certain who would win. Kennedy was a Catholic; there was prejudice at that time, as there is today.

I cried through the news of President Kennedy and his brother Bobby being assassinated.

I witnessed coverage of the first attack on the World Trade Center and, years later, the terrorist attacks on the Trade Center and Pentagon. I really knew then that we were in big trouble. From then to today, this trouble has continued.

We are still at war in the Middle East. We have been through a horrible recession/depression from the greed of institutions we trusted. We have been through eight years of, for the most part, nothing being done in Congress (prejudice, because an African-American citizen had become president) and now the most ugly election campaigns I have ever witnessed.

Again, I see this country and the world in major trouble that hasn’t really happened since the Crusades. People in this country and leaders in the world need to sit and have intelligent conversation, not “you did this” and “we caused that.”

Compromises and plans need to be developed so the young children being born today can live in peace and prosperity in this world and not live through the hatred that exists today. My prayers are not only with them, but also with us all.