Finalists will be recognized and winners will be announced at the #VMEA Awards on Tuesday May 2 at the Costello Sports Complex, University of Southern Maine, Gorham. Ticketing and event details to come.

Please complete the form below. Submissions are due by March 8.

The wow factor

It’s not easy juggling school, sports and life. This athlete has overcome hardship or adversity while maintaining a commitment to his or her team.

The academic ace

We’re looking for an athlete who excels in the classroom. Who is tops among his or her peers when it comes to academic excellence?

The loudest and proudest

Talk about school pride: We’re looking for the No. 1 fan – whether it’s a parent, family member, student or booster who cheers on his or her team at home games and on the road.

The unsung hero

Not every kid is a star. Tell us about one whose behind-the-scenes contributions to a team have far greater value than what’s in the box score.

The coach of the year

The best coaches can’t be measured by victories alone. Which one has made the biggest impact on students while forging a winning tradition?

The role model

Every team has one: We’re looking for an athlete who goes above and beyond to help younger team members succeed.

The fab freshman

Every team counts on newcomers. Which ninth-grader has made the biggest impact on a varsity squad?

The clutch player

Who do you turn to down the stretch? This athlete is apt to come through when a big play is needed most.

The Better Neighbor

Balancing schoolwork and sports is no easy feat. But some students take it a step further by volunteering their efforts in their community. Tell us about them.

The team of the year

Which team – in any sport – has been the most impressive the past 12 months? Results are important, but no more than team chemistry and sportsmanship.

Submit your nominee

Please describe the individual or group you are nominating in no more than 500 words. Be sure to include a basic explanation of the nominee’s role as it relates to the category you are nominating for. The strongest nominations will quantify that impact (i.e. Stories about how they inspired others, examples of their dedication, etc.) Please provide links to any websites, data or documents that could help us understand the significance of the impact they have made.
Note: Groups and individuals may nominate themselves
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