I have never felt compelled to consider my “pre-existing conditions” before, but now, as my count reaches my second hand, I am terrified. More than that, I am fiercely disappointed that 2nd District Rep. Bruce Poliquin voted “yes” on the American Health Care Act, despite his phone lines being flooded with pleas for him to do otherwise.

I thank 1st District U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree for fighting for Mainers like me. But at the end of the day, the House of Representatives voted to end Medicaid as we know it. Now I’m counting on both of our U.S. senators, Susan Collins and Angus King, to reject this bill, which is a betrayal of the people Congress is elected to represent.

The American Health Care Act would force 24 million people to lose insurance, more than half of them low-income Americans. And capping Medicaid would force states to ration care, shoulder more cost and deny health coverage to many of those who need it most. In an aging state such as Maine, that is nothing less than foolish and cruel.

These are real people’s lives on the line. The Senate needs to say “no” to any proposal that guts Medicaid and threatens the health care of millions of Americans.

Kristy Martino

RESULTS Seacoast