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Tuesday September 2, 2014

Boston Bruins

NHL Playoffs Results
First Round vs. Toronto Maple Leafs
Bruins win series, 4-3

Second Round vs. New York Rangers
Bruins win series, 4-1

Conference Finals vs. Pittsburgh Penguins
Bruins win series, 4-0

Stanley Cup Finals
Wednesday, June 12: Chicago 4, Boston 3 (3 OT)
Saturday, June 15: Boston 2, Chicago 1 (OT)
Monday, June 17: Boston 2, Chicago 0
Wednesday, June 19: Chicago 6, Boston 5 (OT)
Saturday, June 22: Chicago 3, Boston 1
Monday, June 24: Chicago 3, Boston 2
Blackhawks win series, 4-2

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