The boys and girls in Mrs. Lori Davis’s and Mrs. Polla Semple’s second grade classes at Edna Libby School in Standish had fun sharing their 100th Day projects. They were celebrating being in school for 100 days.


Mrs. Davis’s class: Front row: Hannah Litif, Jessica Ray, Caleb Garland. Middle row: Bailey Parenteau, Christina Santos-Savoia, Ben Davis, Tyler Mogan, and Chandler Harmon. Back row: Danny Lindberg, Mat Bridges, Lauren Collins, Kelsey Parkin, Nathan Mandeville and Carolyn Lucy.


Polla Semple’s class: Front row: Mia Durgin, Parker Reali, Olivia Hebert, and Trey Tenney. Middle row: Blake Wilson, Rachael Tarbox, Andrea Hoyt, and Makayla Alcantara. Back Row: Adam Rondeau, Nathan Vachon, Matthew Sweeney, Alyssa McLaughlin, Adam Secord, Kyle Phelan, and Arlena English.

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