Governor Baldacci has proposed new laws allowing police to stop vehicles for seat belt violations that may carry fines of more than $200 per infraction. Should Maine enact stronger seat belt laws?

Brian Shedlarski, 28, Gray, owner Scissors and Seams

“No! I don’t think $200 fines are appropriate. The police don’t need to waste their time with seat belt laws just to bring in added revenue.”

Jennifer Walker, 29, Kennebunk, personal financial analyst

“Of course! I think everyone should wear a seat belt. Maybe it should be a $100 fine for a first offense, then $200 for a second offense, and $300 for a third offense. After that they could use other measures.”

Al DiFiore, 56, Windham, pressman Blethan Newspapers


“No, it is an infringement on my personal rights. I don’t like how the governor pulls money out of unrelated things. Is he concerned with saving lives or the money? I should decide if I want to wear a belt or not.”

Mary Robinson, 41, Gorham, Realtor

“Yes! I believe personally, and my family agrees, that everyone should wear seat belts. I don’t think we should pick up the bills for those that don’t buckle up.”

Wayne Smith, 38, Portland, karaoke host at Bottoms Up

“I totally agree with that. Once it is a law, people will have to adjust to it. If you are seat belted, then it won’t affect you.”

Rose Stansfield, 15, New Gloucester, medical transcriptionist

“I think they should leave it as it is. The fines seem a bit much. That amount is too high. Motorcyclists aren’t required to wear a helmet at this point, and that is a much bigger risk.”

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