With Lowe’s and Home Depot coming soon to North Windham, what do you think of the growing shopping district?

Eva Tompson, 53, Standish

“I think it’s wonderful. I wish Standish would get a little more commercial property as well. There are a lot of things you need that you can’t get in Standish, but you can find them here.”

Elizabeth Tarbox, 70, Falmouth

“Of course, it’s convenient, but I just think it’s growing way too fast. It’s hard to believe this is the same town which once had only one grocery store. I understand why, but I just feel that it’s a town growing way too fast.”

Brett Seymour, 44, Gray

“I’m for it. Having the Lowe’s and Home Depot come in and the LaValley Lumber is giving us more options. We don’t have to drive to Portland anymore. And it helps employ others who would otherwise have a long commute to Portland. It keeps people employed.”

Mark Napoleone, 43, Raymond

“I think it’s going to create the same ripple effect as Portland’s growth did in the late 1980s and 90s. Once this area gets developed, places like Naples, Casco and surrounding towns will see the same growth as Falmouth and Cumberland has. It’s really a self-contained community now.”

Jessica Durling, 22, Naples

“I like it because we don’t have to travel as far now. It’s nice not having to travel all the way to Portland.”

Patrice and Andrew Jordan, 42 and 17, Raymond

Andrew: “I think it’s great. This shows that we’re growing and not falling in terms of economic development.”

Patrice: “I went to the Maine Mall today and it was absolutely chaotic. It’s nice to be able to shop locally and I’d rather put my money somewhere closer to home.”

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