Would you feel safe traveling abroad right now?

Diane Dix, 60, Gray

“No, just recently because of the terrorist bombings in so many different areas of the world. If the bombings were localized in one area, I’d feel more comfortable traveling.”

Gene Lyden, 79, Standish

“No. I’ve never felt safe traveling overseas or south of the border. Canada doesn’t bother me. I’ve never felt safe going anyplace. I did all my traveling in the Navy.”

Virginia Steeves, 42, Naples

“Yes, I think the security would be up now so it would be an excellent time to travel. I just feel they are more alert right now.”

Robert McFarlane, 28, Windham

“Yes, I would feel safe. But maybe that’s only because I haven’t experienced any terrorism firsthand. I haven’t been close to it.”

Stacey Poole, 18, Limerick

“I would feel safer being in a different country than here. I feel like we’re almost due for another tragedy to happen. With the recent attacks in London and Egypt, it makes you feel like there’s no safe place.”

Mike Reilly, 58, Windham

“Personally, I don’t travel abroad much anymore. But I would still be a little leery. Security is making travel very inconvenient right now. It seems to be causing long, long waits. I understand it, but it’s an inconvenience.”

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