At a special meeting on Tuesday, the Standish Town Council reached an agreement with SAD 6 that gives the District until next Sept. 1 to retrofit a 2004 Bonny Eagle High School addition with a sprinkler system.

Although the District received approval by the state to hold off on the system for the special education wing until completion of the new lobby and music instruction space, which is currently under construction, this violates a Standish town ordinance.

The terms of the agreement include installing an approved automatic sprinkler system by Sept. 1, 2006 in both the completed wing in question and in the new space.

Another provision of the agreement is that, subject to District voters’ approval, the District agrees to install the sprinkler system throughout the entire school.

Also as part of the agreement, a 20,000-gallon water storage tank and a 24,000-gallon-capacity cistern, or holding tank, will also be installed by that date. The 24,000 gallon tank will supply pumper trucks in the event of fire. The other tank will supply the sprinkler system with water.

In addition, it stipulates that, by the end of this month, SAD 6 will pay the town of Standish $700 for their staff time, attorney’s fees and outside consultants regarding this matter.

“I thought the meeting went very well and the Council was very accomodating,” said SAD 6 Superintendent Suzanne Lukas. “We’re moving forward as quickly as we can.”

According to Standish Fire Chief Martin Jordan, the special education wing is not being used for students pending sign-off on the occupancy permit by the building inspector. Jordan expects this to happen shortly.

“It’s a wonderful working relationship we have with her (Superintendent Lukas) and SAD 6,” Jordan said. “This is a school administration that is supportive of public safety.”

And Standish Town Council Chairwoman Cindy Hopkins agreed.

“The superintendent is very proactive – a take charge type of person,” Hopkins said. “She’s doing a fantastic job.”

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