The rezoning of the Saunders Brothers mill from Industrial to Gateway Commercial to clear the way for Wal-Mart to possibly come to Westbrook (opposed)

I believe that extensive retail development is inappropriate for that site because of the burden that it would place on adjoining residential neighborhoods. In the new zoning ordinance, the city created a business/professional zone that acts as a buffer between the Commercial Gateway district and residential areas. I believe that the Saunders site should have been zoned business/professional. I do believe that it is important to redevelop the site for commercial purposes, but not large scale retail.

Pay-as-you-throw trash pickup and curbside recycling (favors)

I am in favor of curbside recycling but remain skeptical about pay per bag. Depending upon the cost, I would favor 1) a mandatory recycling program that does not include pay per bag, such as the program Saco has implemented; or 2) a pay as you throw program that gives families one or more free bags per week.

The city purchasing land on Saco Street to market it as the Westbrook Heights Business Park (favored)

That is a very important piece of commercial development.

How would you have voted on this year’s school budget? (favored)

I’m glad that the council, working with the School Committee, was able to enact a budget that adequately funded our excellent schools and still delivered tax relief to Westbrook residents.

The potential redevelopment of Saccarappa Park as a combination commercial building/public park (favors)

I am in favor of development there.

Paper streets have been a major source of contention in the city recently. How would you have dealt with residents’ complaints about old paper streets being used for development?

I am in favor of the moratorium enacted by the council.

What can be done to help lower Westbrook property taxes?

We need to continue to find efficiencies within city government. I support the strides the city and School Department have made in consolidating services. We need to do better, smarter, economic development in order to grow the business tax base and lower the burden on residential taxpayers.

What do you want to see done to improve parking in the city?

This issue needs to be addressed hand in hand with downtown development. Any future development in the downtown area has to include specific analysis on the impact on the parking situation. Any new building proposal must address the issue of where employees, clients and customers will park.

Please comment on any other issues of importance to you.

It has been an honor and pleasure to serve the citizens of Ward 2 for the past two years. The longer I serve, the greater my conviction that Westbrook is a wonderful, vibrant community with the potential to be even greater. Westbrook citizens value the quality of life that we have all built together. We need to preserve this quality of life by addressing key problems that threaten our neighborhoods. These problems include increased traffic, unbridled residential development and the sponsorship of commercial projects that do not integrate well into our community. In order to ease the burden on the residential taxpayer we need to continue to find more efficient ways to provide critical services we all need and value. We need to do a better job seeking new businesses that will bring high quality jobs to our city while broadening the business tax base.

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