The rezoning of the Saunders Brothers mill from Industrial to Gateway Commercial to clear the way for Wal-Mart to possibly come to Westbrook (favored)

I felt confident in the restrictions that were placed under the new zoning. We were increasing revenue while protecting the neighbors and making their concerns a priority.

Pay-as-you-throw trash pickup and curbside recycling (opposes)

I strongly support recycling however I would like to explore other options to encourage recycling. I oppose such a plan which would unnecessarily penalize residents.

The city purchasing land on Saco Street to market it as the Westbrook Heights Business Park (favored)

I believe it’s a win win situation. It can only help economic development and keep residential taxes lower.

How would you have voted on this year’s school budget? (favored)

I am a strong advocate for our outstanding school system and academic excellence here in Westbrook. They have made all the cuts they can without negatively impacting the students and the system as a whole. As a parent who actively participates with our schools, I was appalled at the attitude of some to slash the school budget for the sake of cuts without constructive solutions.

The potential redevelopment of Saccarappa Park as a combination commercial building/public park (favors)

I am in favor of developing the site while retaining some green space and I also strongly support the revitalization of downtown Westbrook. We need to focus on attracting business to our area. We are fortunate to have another beautiful park within a half a mile of this site.

Paper streets have been a major source of contention in the city recently. How would you have dealt with residents’ complaints about old paper streets being used for development?

This is an issue I have addressed. I received a phone call from a concerned resident and responded immediately by meeting with them even though this was outside my ward. This was a very frustrating situation for everyone involved and it’s an issue that we need to address sooner rather than later.

What can be done to help lower Westbrook property taxes?

Many people live in and move to Westbrook for the quality of the educational system and the services provided. We need to always be vigilant to spend the taxpayer’s money efficiently. We need to continue to encourage the economic development with business growth that will help keep the residential property tax down. I am an active member of the committed Westbrook Chamber of Commerce and our top priority is growing business and attracting new ones.

What do you want to see done to improve parking in the city?

I would like to encourage more use of the underutilized current municipal parking lot with better signage.

Please comment on any other issues of importance to you.

I am very confident in the decisions I made for our community. I worked very hard on the key issues within our city and will continue to do so.

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