Are you upset with this year’s changed bus policy of NOT picking up your kindergartner at your door?

THE SAFETY OF OUR CHILDREN IS PARAMOUNT! For approximately the past nine years, kindergartners were picked up at their home and returned to their home EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM!! What changed? Do the policymakers feel that the smallest of our school children are somehow safer today than they were for the past nine years?

If you want change, if you want your kindergartner picked up at your house as they were in the past, call me. I am one of many parents that are requesting that the old policy of picking up your kindergartner be reinstated IT IS A SAFETY ISSUE that is not being looked at from a safety perspective!!

Change can only come about if we as the parents speak with one voice. I first need to know who you are. The next step will be setting up a workshop with the School Board to open up the communication lines between the Board and the parents in a non-intimidating atmosphere.

My name is MAUREEN VERREAULT. My telephone number is 883-6097. Please call me. My goal is to see change before the winter weather arrives. Please call me at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

Maureen Verreault


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