A pair of candle images appearing in the snow have created a Christmas mystery for Phil and Anita Dugas.

The images have been appearing about midday recently on the snow in the couple’s front yard. The couple doesn’t have Christmas candles displayed in windows inside their home. And after looking outside for clues last week, Phil Dugas, a Gorham town councilor, discounted the possibility that the candle images were reflections.

“It’s Christmas early at the Dugas household,” he said.

His wife also attributed the mystery to the season. “It’s Christmas time,” she said.

Anita Dugas took photos of the two candle images on Dec. 11, 14 and 15. The couple has seen the images, which have appeared on various days, from a doorway and through two separate windows inside their home.

Perhaps the images are ghosts from a Christmas past, present and future like the three spirits Charles Dickens wrote about in his “Christmas Carol” in 1843. But Anita Dugas calls them Phil’s “infamous” candles.

“They were in front of the kitchen window and have now moved to the living room window. Very strange,” Anita said after snapping photos at 11 a.m. on Thursday.

A third image of a candle flame appeared on Wednesday around the base of a post holding a bird feeder in the Dugas yard. “It’s some kind of omen. Someone is sending a message,” Phil Dugas said.

The Dugas property is the so-called fox farm where foxes were raised many years ago. Kenneth and Leona Southard, the parents of Anita Dugas, bought the property in 1945.

Unexplainable images of candles are appearing recently outside the home of Phil and Anita Dugas on Cressey Road.“It’s some kind of omen,” Phil Dugas says about images of candles which have appeared on the snow in his front yard.Candle image appears in the snow at the Dugas residence.

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